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The Elizabeth Series - A series dealing with my original non-Mary Sue (hopefully) and characters from Highlander, mostly Methos.

Centuries of Love - Methos and Amanda have known each other for centuries in this universe.

Individual Stories:

Desert Rose - A Watcher and an immortal have fallen in love - Lyric Wheel entry

End of the Rainbow - Crossover with Queen of Swords

Stand By Me - Joe's in trouble and Duncan and Methos are there to help

Stand By Me II: Artificial Immortality - continuation

A Strange and Magical Feeling - Another Lyric Wheel entry with Methos

Who Wants to Help Amanda? - Methos perhaps?

Two stand alone snippets from the Elizabeth Series Universe:

Pyrius - The Horsemen left a survivor in one of their raids... they should have been more careful.

Reflection - Methos thinks back to his roots of immortality

By Other Authors:

The Cane - written by X Wing - continuation of my Stand By Me story

Amy's Death - written by X Wing - what the title implies

Evenings Fair and Bright - written by Paula - Heartbreaking story for Joe and Methos fans

Son of Liberty - written by Erik - An immortal's teacher returns for a contest between good and evil. My character Elizabeth shows up in the middle.

Three Pound, Eight Ounce Warrier - Written by Teresa - Methos gets a friend

To Ride the Lightning - written by ekat - Methos' views on Quickenings

The Virgin of Cheju - written by Helene Lecuyer - In seventeenth century Korea, Methos washes up on shore.


Blame - Second X Files Lyric Wheel Entry - Mulder reveals a dark secret he's been keeping for years 

The Phantom Menace - Third X Files Lyric Wheel Entry

Hope - Scully's got cancer, Skinner's acting strange, and there's been a mysterious death at the Smithsonian out of which only Mulder and Scully can make some kind of sense. 

Men From Mars - written with John - Poor Rod from Jersey Devil has another chance to date Scully, but he runs into Mulder first

Ronald and Malcolm - Ever wonder what X was up to during season one? 




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