Methos and Amanda's Amorous Adventures

The old guy and gal have known, and loved, each other for a very long time in our universe.

These stories were written by JoLayne and Susan, with help from Dea on one.

Stories in Chronological Order:

What is and What Should Be
Why did Methos leave the Game for 200 years?

Kiss the Sky
Methos and Amanda, along with Fitz, experience the Woodstock Art and Music Festival of ’69.

California Dreaming
Direct sequel to Kiss the Sky
Methos, Amanda, Fitz, Rebecca, and a California beach during the last days of the Summer of Love… what could possibly go wrong?

A Long, Strange Trip (written along with Dea)
A 1970 road trip with Byron to Hotel California

She’s Gone
Methos loved and lost a mortal lover and Amanda comes to give some support

Won’t Get Fooled Again
Ever wonder where Methos got that nifty chair that he sat in when Amanda visited him in the middle of the night in Forgive Us Our Trespasses? No? Well, here’s our theory anyway…

Helter Skelter
After Methos and Amanda enjoy a little vacation, Methos is kidnapped by Watchers.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Methos proposes to Amanda, the Mona Lisa was stolen the year before, and they all end up on the Titanic.

I Will Remember You
Amanda brings Methos to Rebecca’s grave, which makes him remember a time when Amanda was attacked by mortals with swords and Methos was in a fight for Alexa’s life.


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